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With the new Apple iPhone 4 hitting the  market in June, and the Apple iPad sales  on the climb, vendors that offer iPhone  Applications for mobile computing are  growing rapidly.    Allscripts Remote is iPhone and iPad  tested and READY to GO.    Add a Patient Portal and streamline  patient communication with 24/7 access  to medical records, bill pay and more!  Physicians will benefit by having:   Quick access to real-time patient summary information Fast communication to local hospital emergency rooms Convenient ePrescribing to the patient’s regular pharmacy   Reliable documentation from anywhere at anytime   Anytime access to task list including medication refills and lab results With Allscripts Remote, difficult medical decisions that need to be made while out  of the office, at the hospital, on call or on personal time can be made more  effectively – thus helping providers take control of their time.  Allscripts Remote  records these decisions and actions in the Allscripts EHR for an immediate,  complete and accurate patient record.  By using Allscripts Remote and having a Patient Portal not only will your  practice benefit from being mobile, it’s a good way to FIND MONEY IN YOUR  PRACTICE Featuring: How to get paid for online and mobile consults  © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved.   CALL US:  (877) 966-4646 MD Kiosk licenses educational health videos for for use in clinics, hospitals, websites, TV broadcasts, EMR, tele- medicine, and corporate platforms. We also offer an interactive TOUCHSCREEN VIDEO KIOSK and a 3D Virtual Health interface. EHR Stimulus Breaking News