The Future of Medical Technology Innovations © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved. Simple, intuitive, easy to use…great attributes for any product. Now add in: powerful, comprehensive, intelligent. They're not contradictory terms, they're all accurate descriptions of Allscripts MyWay. One integrated solution covering practice management, EMR, and claims management…everything you need to keep your practice operating at top efficiency. One unified database that makes finding the information you need for clinical or business operations fast and effortless. One great way to apply healthcare information technology to your practice: Allscripts MyWay. Designed for smaller-sized physician practices. Designed for the unique working environments found in primary care specialties. Designed to give you a choice: select a hosted service to minimize the cost and effort of using advanced technology; pick the on-premise version to leverage your current IT infrastructure and in-house capabilities. Designed to work the way you do-quick, efficient, thorough, competent. And, despite its simplicity, Allscripts MyWay doesn't compromise on providing the features and functions you need to be successful in every aspect of your practice. Practice Management Schedule patients, allocate resources, pull reports, handle the demographic details that profile contact points, insurance coverage, pharmacies used, and link it all into your billing process. Electronic Medical Records Build a patient history, do clinical charting, capture lab results, handle e-prescriptions, eliminate the paper chase. You've got a full-featured EMR capability to enhance your clinical operations. Claims Management Your financial performance is covered with features that span the entire revenue cycle and make transactions, filing claims and receiving payments easier and faster than ever before. Allscripts MyWay represents a different way to use sophisticated technology to enhance your practice…your way. 
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