The Future of Medical Technology Innovations © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved. Manage the whole office, the whole practice Administrators at small practices know there’s nothing small about tracking business performance and results. All that’s required is managing the front office, the back office, and all the offices in between…in other words, the whole office, the whole practice. Allscripts MyWay is for you, giving you the tools you need to track the health of the business. Start your thinking from a cost perspective: It's all about choice, and costs, and IT expertise. The Allscripts MyWay- hosted service—means no infrastructure equipment, no IT staff. You can pay as you go for the application services you need. The on-premise version can leverage existing equipment and the technical skills of your staff. Having options is always good; pick the right approach for your practice. Going paperless delivers more than just workflow benefits. Cut the supply budget for files, forms, and folders. Maybe it’s time to convert the file room into another exam room. Think about productivity and time: One integrated application with one shared database means it’s easy for everyone in the practice to find and access the information they need, when they need it. No duplicate data entries, no missing files. Stay on task and drive efficiency to new levels. Search schedules and create appointment calendars that balance and maximize time for both providers and patients. Build the electronic patient picture by capturing all the demographic, insurance, billing, account alignments, and scanned documents you need for a complete profile. Rethink the way you handle claims and drive revenue: Give physicians an easy way to code (and charge) accurately, with a built-in audit trail and code-checking before you file. Automatically highlight and collect accurate co-payment during patient visits; and use demographics to adjust for primary and secondary coverage levels. Compile accurate HIPAA-compliant bills that you submit and track electronically. Simpler and more efficient to file, and faster payments as a result. Pull performance and financial reports that highlight detailed information about staff productivity, collections, aging and denied claims, patient accounts, and whatever you need to measure business results. Put it all together, and Allscripts MyWay is a “whole brain” approach administrators can use to benefit the whole practice.
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