The Future of Medical Technology Innovations © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved. It's a different way to practice medicine…your way Think about the key words you'd use to describe the way you like to practice medicine. Effective; efficient; smart; fast. Shouldn't your technology tools work the same way? Allscripts MyWay does. Intuitive, easy to learn, and—better yet—easy to use, Allscripts MyWay helps streamline the way you like to work, without getting in the way. Instant access to patient histories. No more misplaced files or missing charts; the paper chase has ended. Clinical charting has never been easier or faster. Adaptive learning and intelligent navigation follow and anticipate your standard practice workflows. The more you use the application, the more it adopts your patterns and preferences, even to the point of presenting next logical entries for your charts. Unmatched flexibility for primary care specialties. Handle multiple patient complaints and complete all your documentation tasks quickly. The template-free environment gives you full and fast access to any screen, any information, any resource, in any sequence, whenever you need it. And, thorough enough to complete all your clinical activities in one place, one application: track and chart patient progress over time; manage medication lists; submit and sign e-prescriptions and refills; capture notes and lab results electronically. It's a different way to practice medicine…your way…with a focus on patients, not technology. Of course, in many small practices, the physician's day is a balancing act between clinical concerns and business realities. You'll be pleased to know Allscripts MyWay is equally adept in both areas, allowing you to automate and streamline the entire practice. Allscripts MyWay gives your practice all the productivity tools to capture charges, file claims, track payments, and deliver reports that assess business performance and financial growth. The bottom line is, your bottom line is protected.
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