The Future of Medical Technology Innovations © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved. Manage the practice, or it will manage you Practice Management is a difficult balancing act…juggling schedules and resources to find the right mix that leads to smooth operations and business success. Manage the practice, or it will manage you. Allscripts MyWay Practice Management makes it easier. One cornerstone component of an integrated application solution that spans the business, clinical and financial sides of your practice. Scheduling Allocate precious resources – physicians, nurses, exam rooms, equipment, and time – to make the most of each day. Be flexible enough to handle cancellations, blocked times, emergency visits, and waiting lists with equal ease. With an intuitive interface, color-coding, overbooking protection, location tracking, and information access by everyone in the practice, you’ve got the necessary tools to be in control of appointments and schedules. Patient Demographics Build complete, thorough patient records that capture all the key details - background and demographic entries; information on contacts, employment, insurance, and responsible parties; visual records from scanned documents. Now, integrate it all into one comprehensive profile of the patient that can be tied to the clinical and accounting sides of your business. Accounting Based on clinical coding and services performed, you can capture charges and perform billing entries almost immediately. Automate capitation and contractual adjustments to keep charge entries and accounts receivable accurate. And build a complete audit trail to safeguard the financial side of your practice. Throughout the entire accounting cycle and process, you’ve got complete and secure control to manage every charge, transaction, referral, and change along the way. The integration between Allscripts MyWay Practice Management and Claims Management functions gives you an extra helping hand and measure of control. Scrub charges, submit clean claims the first time, and monitor the status of each claim and reimbursement. You can also automate the posting of remittances, re-filing of claims, and the updating of master files. Streamline your business operations and make the Practice Management balancing act easier, secure, and successful. That’s the Allscripts MyWay result.
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