The Future of Medical Technology Innovations © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved. A hosted solution delivered by an application service provider (ASP) In healthcare information technology, there are different ways to get from here (where you are) to there (where you'd like to be). Allscripts MyWay is just one route to follow, but a very attractive path for smaller medical practices. Having the flexibility of choice is part of what makes a Allscripts MyWay solution so attractive. Pick the best approach for your practice to balance capital budgets, equipment, operating costs, and your own information technology expertise…as well as personal preference. The on-premise version of Allscripts MyWay is installed on a server at your site. You have complete control to manage your own operations and leverage current systems and on-site support staff for economies of scale. Of course, if you need any Misys support services for installation assistance, maintenance, or field engineering tasks, they're just a phone call away. Other practices will find the right choice in a Allscripts MyWay hosted solution. Delivered by an application service provider (ASP), you get to use the sophisticated software capabilities as a service and avoid some of the upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, personnel and operations. And the advantage of being able to focus solely on medical issues without any IT distractions is especially attractive to some small practices. In exchange for a predictable-and usually more manageable-subscription fee, the hosted solution allows you to trust Allscripts with all your operational support needs. The Allscripts MyWay data center operates with 99.99% availability, so you know service reliability rivals the best in the industry. Plus, the IT pros at the Allscripts MyWay software hosting site will take care of maintaining servers, performing backups, installing upgrades and new software releases, and managing firewalls and security. On-premise or hosted…either Allscripts MyWay approach can equip your practice with the tools to be more productive, more efficient, and more successful. And, able to practice medicine your way.
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