The Future of Medical Technology Innovations © Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved. Managing the practice is managing the money One key aspect of managing the practice is managing the money. Unfortunately, many small practices operate with financial and profitability margins that are scalpel thin…a handful of patients can sway performance in one direction or another. There’s not a lot of room for error; you can’t afford to compromise. With Allscripts MyWay, you don’t have to. As an integrated enhancement to the Practice Management and EMR functions associated with claims, Allscripts MyWay also incorporates a sophisticated, full- featured Claims Management capability. Based on the market-leading Allscripts Payerpath solution, this component leverages an impressive experience base in transaction processing. As one of the nation’s largest clearinghouses, Allscripts Payerpath: connects thousands of healthcare providers of every size to insurance payers; processes more than 16 million claim submissions to payers every month; and, achieves an impressive first-time claims pass rate of 98 percent, the highest in the industry. These capabilities enable Allscripts MyWay to watch over every step of the revenue cycle for your practice—from verifying insurance and patient eligibility to receipt of final payments. That kind of claims assistance lets you: Generate clean, accurate claims the first time, and accelerate time-to-money and cash flow performance. Manage your collections process through secondary billings and statement processing. Automate payment postings, account allocations, re-filings, and routine “paperwork” handling electronically. Pull detailed tracking reports to gain an up-to-date view of these key drivers to the success of your practice. Allscripts MyWay is an easy-to-use and secure way to make your financial performance second to none.
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